Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7/29 9:38pm

Blake's condition is steadily improving. The nightmares have apparently stopped. He is eating relatively "normal" food, however, he has lost a lot of weight. Given that he was on a liquid diet for two weeks, that's to be expected.
He began physical and occupational therapy this morning. He did really well although he was in extreme pain for most of the session.
Some of you have been asking when you might be able to visit Blake. He is not in a "regular" hospital room. The step down from ICU is called the Trauma Intermediate Care Unit. Here's what goes on during his day:
After being seen nearly every 90 minutes through the night, Blake is usually awakened around 6:30 each morning by some residents who look him over and review his vital signs. From then until around 7:00 p.m. he is visited by a steady stream of nurses, therapists, trauma doctors and residents on rounds, and surgeons. These folks are sometimes lined up outside his door waiting to see him. Between these visits he needs to order and eat his meals, go to the bathroom, get bathed, brushed, and squeeze in some nap time. His pain medications generally "knock him out" for short periods.
Blake is regularly seeing a Speech Therapist, Psychiatric Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, and, after today, Physical and Occupational Therapists.
Katie and Steve spend a good deal of time in the hallway outside of Blake's room to permit him some semblance of privacy and dignity. So, you see, he really doesn't have much time to visit with anyone.
Blake has asked us to extend his thanks for the prayers and well-wishes. He hopes to see all of you someday soon.

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