Saturday, March 6, 2010

3/5: From BQ

Hey there, hi there, hoe there come and limp and gimp with me. Yes it's that time again, time to fill in those who have cared and prayed for me for these last 7 months. Well I'm still going to physical therapy twice a week. I can actually feel a difference as the weeks go by and my leg muscles get stronger. The electronic stimulation still has not produced any improvement however. I did have to switch my primary physician this month also. I was about to run out of my pain medicine and called his office everyday leaving messages and he apparently didn't feel the need to call back. Needless to say I found another doctor. This one is also through the Ohio Health system and is located in the same building as my physical therapy. I also had to go see an endocrinologist, because blood work that was done while I was at rehab showed my calcium levels were spiking. Well a few days later I got a call from them. They told me that while I was immobile my body needed calcium so it pretty much sucked it out of my bones, but that those levels would become normal themselves now that I was active. However they found I had an extreme vitamin d deficiency due to an extreme lack of sunlight for so long. So now I take this vit. D pill only once a week. It has 50,000 mg of vit. D. and I finally got in to see pain mgt. the other day; they switched a couple things with my meds but not much. Other than that I did learn how to knit last week and began my first scarf. It should probably be done by next winter at this rate.
That’s about all for now. So see you real soon, m-o-u-s-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

God bless- Bad Blake

p.s. Go see Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges and think of me while you watch it.