Monday, February 8, 2010

2/7: From BQ

Its been a little over three weeks since I gotten out of the big house, and things have been going well. Now that I'm home of course, I'm on my feet much more out of necessity. This at times leaves me in a lot more pain than I had gotten used to, with rest and medication its bearable though. I'm not doing much these days other than my ten tons of Dr.'s appointments, and equally as much paperwork we've been filling out to keep my medical insurance. That part has been such a joy, I assure you. I did start my outpatient physical therapy last week and it actually was great. The facility and equipment are amazing, and my therapist really knows his shit.
Well that just about covers it for now. I'll try and post new blogs every couple weeks. Life's just not exciting enough right now to update you more often.