Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7/15 5:55pm

Blake is out of surgery.
"Power washing" on legs went well. The wound on his left kneecap has been closed but there was not enough skin to do the right knee. Next step is consultation with the plastic surgeons. Further leg repair might be Friday or Monday. They will be working on Blake's legs for the next 8-10 weeks.
Abdomen has been closed. Hope to begin feeding him via tube.

Some people have had questions regarding whether or not Blake is in a coma. He is not in a coma and hasn't been. The doctor's have him heavily sedated so he won't fight all the tubes but he does wake up and is responsive.

Good, good day :)


  1. They had to sedate Tim like that too when he had his surgery. He kept trying to pull everything out, plus he would try to get out of bed. They kept knocking him out!

  2. Blake you are in my prayers! - Jason Healy

  3. It seems like better news each time I read the blog -- Keep fighting Blake!!!