Monday, July 20, 2009


Blake received 40 e-cards over the weekend and 1 snail-mail card. Katie & Steve wanted him to rest for surgery today, so they are waiting until later to read them to Blake. Keep the love coming!


  1. I miss you blake. Come back to us safely. Its not your time now we have tons of music still to create!!!! I hope all goes well with the surgery. I will be checkin on ya. I love u bro

  2. Blake Francis Quincel you have always meant the world to me, even when i didn't mean the world to you. i love you in every way a person can love somoene and i want you back to being you so badly and i do pray for you every day over and over and over. i miss you, and when you're better i want you back in my life, no strings, just friends. i've missed you too much for too long and i'm missing you right now, and i just wish i could talk to you and you talk back, and i will be able to soon. and i hope that my messages help you, i hope you realize how much i've always cared about you and i will always care about you and i will always be there for you and i am here for you know. and i will be back to see you and talk to you, and sing your songs to you.

    Ghost children ridin tricycles of flames there coming to take back all that you clame. take your falso morals and stick em where you see, get your head at your ass and put it where it should be all i ever wanted was for life to go so fast wow, thats all i can remember right now

    but i love you and i'm praying and i hope you are resting well.

    and when i say i love you i mean i love you like a person loves a person as much as a person can, if that makes any sense at all.

    sorry blakes parents for being confused, i'm crying and when i cry i have a hard time geting things out.

    good night and sweet dreams