Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/19 7:39am, 9:30am

7:39am- An ok night. Restless, so his pain meds were increased. Temperature went to 101, now down to 99. Attempts to awaken only get "purposeful movement" (trying to pull out tubes).
9:30am- Blake is a bit feverish, checking for infections - may need more antibiotics. Also maybe suffering from delirium. We are waiting for doctors to make morning rounds.
10:14am- Doctor who first treated Blake made rounds today. He had not seen Blake since Monday and was pleased with his progress. Surgery tomorrow; left arm and right thighbone. Post surgery will begin weaning sedatives. Plan to remove right lung pump today and left one tomorrow.
Keep praying for God's healing hand to touch Blake.


  1. Lori-

    We are praying for Blake to come through this. If you need us to come up and be him please let us know.

    Todd and Mindy Law

  2. Well I'm glad at least that the doctor seems pleased. But we are still praying hard.

  3. I am praying for Blake. Is Katie and Steve staying at the hospital? Grace and peace to you all. You must be tired. Keep the faith. God is faithful, and he loves and has power to heal. Hang in there guys! I'm praying for you Blake.
    ~Steph Q