Saturday, July 25, 2009

7/25 4:13pm

Blake had his food test to see if he was cleared to eat "regular food" today. He ate pudding while they x-rayed it going down his throat and he was cleared to eat. He is in much better spirits because he hasn't eaten since the day before his accident. He will have to start on pureed vegetables and fruits and work his way up to solids.
The plastic surgeon stopped in and checked on his leg skin grafts and said they were looking good.

Hopefully he will get 1-2 days of rest now and we are also hoping he sleeps since its been a few days.

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  1. Blake-

    We're all still here rooting for a solid recovery, and definitely hoping you can catch some well-deserved Zzz's!

    You have so many people sending you love, prayers and thoughts... nothing but good can come of it. Take your time getting back into things, your body's been more than a trooper. We'll see you soon--fair warning! ;-)

    Much love,
    Deb & Nate