Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7/14 10:59pm

Nick, Parker and Lori went to the hospital tonight. He had a ton of visitors again today. Its clear from the visitors, phone calls, text messages and e-mails that Blake is well loved and has a very strong support system. Believe me, it is helping!
Nick & Lori went back to see him tonight. They removed the neck brace and raised him up in the bed a bit so he wasn't laying flat. We told him that the Olde Cellar Band performed as "Spleen" (Uncle Tim penned this name as what they performed under as a tribute to Blake) at Millstone Bike Night in Logan without Parker or Nick and good friend, Scotty Bratcher filled in with OCB. They had a record crowd. Many, many, many thanks to OCB and Scotty! We also told Blake that we loved him and gave him your love as well.
Condition update - His right arm is not broken as they originally thought. Just his left arm as well as his legs. The doctor's were concerned today because his urine was darkening but it was from dehydration so they increased his fluids. It is back to normal coloring. He is having trouble keeping the fluids up because of all of the open wounds. They were also concerned about the dehydration because his muscles could potentialy break down into the blood and try to filter through the kidneys. This would then turn the urine to the color of Coca-Cola and cause permanent kidney damage.
Tomorrow he is going to have exploratory surgery on his exposed abdomen. They are checking for internal bleeding, which they don't think he has. Yesterday he was given 20 units of blood but hasn't needed any additional since. If there is no bleeding, they will then close up the abdomen. They are also "power washing" his legs during this surgery and see what the damage is. He is scheduled for surgery on his legs for Friday if all goes well tomorrow.

Please pass this blog on to anyone. This is probably the most efficient way of getting the most up to date information out to everyone. Also, any cards, gifts, etc. cannot be sent to the hospital because he is still in ICU. Due to the fact that he is still in critical condition, his visitors are restricted to only 2 at a time. Visiting hours are in short stints as well. Please consider waiting to visit until he can be moved out of the ICU to a regular room. You are always welcome to visit family in the waiting room until then though.

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  1. Wow - he's got a lot of recovery ahead of him, but I know with all the love and support around him, he can do it!!!
    Thanks for the updates LF -- We will try not to bug you on texts anymore!!