Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blake today


  1. BLAKE YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!! We are all soooo proud of you!!! I couldn't help but tear up seeing the new pic!! You have come soo far this past week! Stay strong and keep fighting!! Jai says HI UNCLE BLAKEY!!! We love you!! xoxo

  2. Blake, you look fantastic! So much better than I EVER would have anticipated! YOU GO, DUDE!! Keep doin what the doctors want and the rest of us will keep praying God keeps his arms around you and those you love!
    Stay strong!
    Laura Jolley

  3. Wow, I'm am so happy to see this!!! Honestly, I was expecting it to be hard to look at!! YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!

  4. Blake,
    Seeing you give the shaka sign made my day! Chesha and I miss you. We'll see you soon enough, though, whether it be us coming back for Christmas, you visiting us in Hawaii . . . or both. You've got some recovery ahead of you, but you've got the strength and stamina to endure, overcome, and start a new phase of your life; a phase in which I think you will find rewarding and successful. We love you. Much aloha! Dusty and Chesha

  5. YAY BLAKE!!!!!!!!! Go man go! Rock the hospital gown- make it your own style!

  6. Good to see you've got some of your spunk back.I'm glad to see how well your progressing.Keep your head up, stay positive and remember how much we all love you.

  7. Good to see you make so much progress and healing! You look really good :) Keep it up, you can do it. Still praying for you. Bless you Blake,
    your cuz~
    Psalm 20
    Psalm 30
    Psalm 59:9, 59:16-17