Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blake Meets Thanksgiving, Part 1

The sound of cars whizzed past, then as we grew further from the city the calming smell of smoke trailed from nearby chimneys. The week prior I had practiced safely getting in and out of Dad’s car. Now, with my legs propped up across the back seat and my head leaned upon the window, I dozed off in my bed of pillows.

I sensed us pulling into the driveway and raised my head to see that we’d finally arrived at Tim & Carol’s. The front door opened and my brother, Nick, stepped outside to come and help me get into the house. I hobbled with my walker to the side of house so that I could stretch out my calves and chatted with Nick for a second. Then we moved towards the front door. I conquered its’ two steps much easier than I had thought it would be.

Carol soon greeted us and led me straight to the couch. They had a perfect spot ready for me. One end of it had a sort of built-in footrest, which is where I would be found resting the majority of the day. We all played wii while we waited.

Dinner was announced ready; I transferred to my wheelchair and found a spot at the table. I’d heard rumors of Tim’s ability to find his way around kitchens. Well, this was his kitchen and he spanked it and made it call him “Daddy”! What I’m saying is that dinner was really good.

After a filling and delicious meal, we all returned to the living room. Tim and Carol have an adorable Yorkie, named Alf, who curled up on my lap. He looked so much like Duncan. We laid there feeling nice and full, while Nick and Pop sang and played guitar, until we dozed off.

We woke around 7:30 and looked around the room at all my friends and family. I knew that it was time for me to leave and I grew a little angry with myself for sleeping some of the evening away.

On the ride back to CRSI I thought more about the time I may have wasted with sleep. But, the more I thought I realized that the comfort of good food & good times with loved ones may have just been enough comfort to help me sink into my dreams. Having come to this conclusion, I leaned my head against the window and fell asleep.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Blake Meets Thanksgiving”. Same Blake time, same Blake channel!

Photo by Erin Collins

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  1. Hey, you did a little singing before you dozed off! Alf sez hey...