Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From Blake

"Tuppence a Bag"

The birds we've all claimed as ours stopped coming today. It's almost as sad as the bare trees whose leaves all seem to have left us too early.

When I first got here I noticed some of my fellow residents had been saving back bread from their meals and taking it outside to feed the birds. We have two trees whose branches were absolutely filled with sparrows just waiting for a hint of their generous, wheel-bound parents.

The weather was nice then, when I first started watching the events. I remained a spectator for a few weeks; the sight alone was entertaining enough for me, especially in a place like this. As soon as the bag of crumbled bread was emptied, feathers immediately began swooping in from all directions. A hundred birds began feasting on their meal. Numerous times a few of them flew right over my head while another few dove in right under my legs. It was, indeed, a sight.

Finally, I decided to get in on the action; saving rolls and wheat bread at every chance. It was then that the weather began to drastically sink, but one thing we all know about Ohio...
So, I did end up with a few days where my hands were lucky enough to throw the food to my winged friends.

One of my "unfeathered friends" told me she was waiting on family to bring her a couple bags of bird seed. That was about a week ago. Yesterday she threw a whole pile of seed to the ground. Today the seed remains, but not the sparrows.

Blake Quincel


  1. If you miss the birds I can bring "Romeo" over to visit just let me know.

  2. I can bring my dog, he'll eat anything!!